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Frost-It Σχετικά με την εταιρία - About Company

The company founded in January 1969 by Dimitrios Kassidis. In the passage of time reached in final form as a Anonymous Society Corporation with the current name Frost-It S.A. Frost-it holds the reins of innovation in the Greek market in the field of commercial refrigeration from years of start until now. We followed a path of improvement of both the commercial and the technical departments us a result of ongoing research and study of the industry of refrigeration and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the world.One of the most significant moments for us was on 2001 when Frost-It Refrigeration undertook the exclusive distribution and marketing in Greece of ARNEG, one of the world’s leading groups in commercial refrigeration.

Culture & Targets

Right now, we are more mature and innovative, with higher targets and in a position to offer services and products better than anyone else in the market. We are dedicated in costumer care before and after sale and helping our clients reduce cost while they also improve their own services in terms of quality, hygiene and duration of maintenance without further costs, through the solutions we provide. To accomplish our goals we rely on our know-how, research and the high quality of our products but mostly on our philosophy of constantly training our company’s personnel.


Frost-It Σχετικά με την εταιρία - About Company


For the second consecutive year, Frost-It S.A. rated by ICAP with Credit Rating high and has joined the “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE”, as one of the most powerful companies in Greece, ready to face the challenges and confirming that their the credit rating is really high. The “Strongest Companies in Greece” are companies that ranked at the highest credit rating of ICAP Group. ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.

The possibility of integration into the community of “Strongest Companies in Greece” has only the 10% of companies in Greece. Frost-It S.A., is able to stand next to partners and suppliers as well as the community is particularly limited and members are indeed the strongest terms of credit worthiness in Greece.

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