Corporate Social Responsibility


Frost-It, with its environmental policy, is committed to delivering products and services that contribute to development, and to work to minimize the negative impacts of their operation on the environment.

By offering our customers high energy efficiency products with very low environmental impact. We use technologies and services to reduce and manage energy consumption. At the same time, we are taking part in and promoting moves for recycling materials.


Since its establishment in 1969, our company Frost-It has incorporated elements of Corporate Social Responsibility. In recent years, though organized social contribution structures, we actively show our support and strengthen the initiatives of important organizations and Institutions across Greece.

Corporate Social Responsibility In Practice


  • Donation of office equipment at Anatolia Collage
  • Donation of air conditioner and a desktop computer at White Tower’s Police Station of Thessaloniki
  • Donation of office equipment at White Tower’s Police Station of Thessaloniki
  • Donation of desktop computers and multifunction printer at Unified Special Vocational High Scholl of Chios


  • Donation of large appliances and electrical – electronic devices